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Hope ya’ll had a wonderful Xmas and a NEW YEAR 2017!!! Hope you celebrating well with your loved ones!! Did ya’ll get the things you asked for? LOL! As for me, Xmas was low key and joyous. In fact I am gonna have to say this was the BEST Xmas ever for me personally!!!

Maybe it’s the old age kicking-in or whatever it was, I actually enjoyed¬†just chilling with the fam and cooking the whole day like crazyyyy:) :). It was just fun ūüôā

Okay, back to the real topic here! So, I keep reading all these beautiful quotes about SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIPS everywhere on social media etc and I have been¬†thinking to myself, like okay, what am doing wrong now, like how much more can a relationship be successful besides loving each other and chilling, right? I mean, I think a successful relationship is the one where the couples are so chilled like they smoke blunt all day er’day and they have got no worries.

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But why keep wondering while we can explore what some of us ladies are missing on this issue of successful relationships, and maybe some of us can be enlightened! Like what exactly are these men winning and are their women winning as well?

Just an FYI, this will be discussed in detail on my sit down blog project coming soon!!! So, def. stay tuned if you wanna hear more about HOW TO MAKE YOUR RELATIONSHIP SUCCESSFUL, I will be talking to some MIGHTY MEN!!I figured, being the person I am, I can not discuss this topic with out being bias thats why, I needed to also set it up where we can hear from MEN themselves LOL!!

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If you ask me what kind of men I could see putting that work-in ¬†and actually LISTENING to their woman?, usually I would say a MATURED man, without a doubt. Most often they know and do better from the get go, with their women. They don’t need reminders on how to treat a LADY and of course, some might argue and say, most often men try to LISTEN to their WOMEN but¬†its the ladies who make things harder!

I noticed a while ago while talking about this same issue “listening” with some guy friends, I heard that, most men would love to listen to their women, matter fact they do, the only issue is that some, if not most women feel like they need to be in control, and it’s the last thing a man (with so much ego) wanna feel, like he¬†just handled his BIG BALLS¬†to a¬†woman. “Once you do that, the woman feels like she can run you as a men and everything else” and that’s what frustrates men, according to one guy.

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But honestly, there are some men out there who really think it’s a weakness when a man listens to his women or discusses with his woman about everything he is about to do. Anyway, I usually call these type of men, weak minded, controlling and insecure, period. Trust me, I have been around such men before and it’s pathetic listening to them arguing about this issue.

Anyway, I had to look back at¬†my own relationships and I noticed a pattern. I will admit that, I have a hard time being with a man who can not listen to me. I usually think “I ¬†can see the future” LOL…so, if you are going to choose to be with me, chances are, you might have to hear my nonsense very often than you’d rather choose-to. The funny¬†part is, you will never know this until you are deeply rooted in me HAHAHA and then by that time, you can’t leave me anyway, coz its just not worth it hahaha. Just kidding ;).

Nonetheless, I hate to break this down to the very STUBBORN men, but TRUTHFULLY,  LISTENING TO YOUR WOMAN does not make you any LESS of a man to your lady or her friends. In fact it makes you look so MIGHTY to us women, and even our girl friends, might start desiring you and wishing they had you! So, we LOVE it when a man LISTENS to us! Also, when you share all those amazing and stupid thoughts in your head with us, just to hear what we are going to say is such a beautiful thing. Usually, your number one FAN and SUPPORTER besides your parents is, your MAIN LADY.

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Matter fact its a TURN ON to a woman when we know, our men/kings/solder consult with us first in everything. Well, okay, I wont speak for every woman but at least for myself, its a turn on! It speaks volumes about a man who SHARES everything with his woman and on top of that LISTENS to her..

Usually when¬†I am out and about, I would see old folk whom from a distance I can tell they’ve got that SPECIAL kind of CHEMISTRY and its so¬†admirable. I usually walk past them and make a comment like “aah you are such a cute couple” and they would say something back like it takes years of being PATIENT with¬†each other. In my head am usually saying a-ha! and I am still going to church to pray for that one thing PATIENCE before I choke a person LOL.

But truthfully, PATIENCE is where it all begins with, BUT also a¬†READY¬†and GROWN¬†man will always flourish to greater things because of their woman’s wisdom and it takes a very strong man to understand the POWER of a WOMAN in his life and for him to be successful. I also understand that not every woman is good either BUT if a man catches himself that ONE GOOD WOMAN why not do good by her and VISE VERSA, when you good women catch your self a good man WHY NOT DO GOOD BY HIM? It takes two!

Anyway, TWO thumbs up for those men who have mastered the skill of LISTENING to their WOMAN, keep on that good work. Also, please share with us how this is possible, any challenges?


Happy New Year 2017!


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