Gettting on with “some Amberrose Challenge…”

Gettting on with “some Amberrose Challenge…”



Lets admit, and I dont care what type of a man you have and what he says about sluts and hoes, but Amber rose is a baddie hands down. She is the type of chick that married, unmarried, single men, respectable and not so respectable men fantasize of playing the adult game with. She is the typical bad girl type chick who the word “FUN” is written all over her face and men love those type of girls.

So, if you are the type of “sophisticated” or “I can’t act or do dirty in bed” well, just watch how Amber rose type chicks taking your man LIVE.  And, yes, I agree with the thoughts going on in your head right now, trying to convince yourself that, your type of man and most men wont take such type of chick like Amber rose home to meet mama. But have you thought of this; that same man, if an “Amber rose” type opportunity were to present itself, he will be tempted and 98% of time probably he will go on, flirt and spend some fun time with the chick because she is fun and playful?

Remember, she lets him practice his “BED FANTASIES” on her. And guess, what? yes, I understand it sounds horrible, but it’s reality. Men love fun girls but they also love “good girls” like you. He will definitely take you to his mama house, you will be the one he will introduce to his friends, you will be the one he will do the family thing with and go to get together parties with, but in his head “Amber rose” gets his juices going. Therefore, for him fun is over there with Amber rose and every time he thinks of her, he gets that funny unexpected grim on his face coz he knows what fun ideas he has for “Amber rose” for when they meet and he is sure that 99% Amber rose will be more than happy to practice the fun ideas with him. He knows,  he doesn’t need to worry about keeping her for the long run, he already has you(wife) at home. So, he is having as much fun while it lasts.

Our society norms have changed so bad, not even funny. Matter fact, we don’t even have culture norms anymore, let alone morals nowadays. Technology has taken over and what the society is running on now, is girls not having to worry about their education anymore or becoming self sufficient in the future because if you keep yourself-up and find a sugar daddy, you are set for life. As well as for men, get into the music thing, rap, play ball, sell whatever illegal stuff you can and get rich. Money will get you every type of woman you have ever dreamt of. As a woman, I am sure you already are familiar with how easy men get bored quickly if they keep doing the same shit over and over (bed stuff). Men are also known to have wondering minds. That’s why “FUN” and “PLAYFUL” chicks appeal to them.

I am sure you have gossip about this with your girlfriend(s) before, about the “ugly fugly” woman, a men got caught cheating with. It’s very true, usually the mistresses are straight up ugly however, they are usually FUN and have the ability to understand another woman’s man more than the wife understands her own man herself. And also, that’s why when it comes to breaking up or divorcing over a cheating spouse, usually, the man never marries the mistress and even if he does, it never lasts because all he saw with the “Amber rose” then, was a person he could prey on, a weak minded person. She was a person he could do whatever he wanted sexually and yes, sometimes maybe spoke his emotions with but never his deep fears, thoughts, struggles or success. That stuff usually, a man will leave on the side to discuss with his Queen/wife because thats the person he sees himself at the top of the mountain with. It’s weird but  it’s the honest truth.

YOUR TURN: Ask your man if what I said in the first three paragraphs is true and share his thoughts below.

Although I have never met Amberrose and neither do I care to meet her, I still think she is one gorgeous woman or B*** as she refers to herself. I dont know if all the airbrushed pics on the net just make her look more than she really is but either way the woman/girl is killing the game. Of course, she, never shy away from being called a bad B** and that SLUT admission is what gets her the attention she wants and likes and makes her one of a kind. I truly think that type of shit TURN  a lot of MEN on although they will never admit to it.

Hands down she shuts down most wanna be B***es. Well, okay, I don’t really know one game she has been successful at besides “dancing on the poll” and running around with celebs but to each their own. I am not judging and I will pretend like she is on some type of game and she is winning…

Anyway, have you seen her recent SLUT CHALLENGE? Girl was on the gram laying it all out, if you missed it, well, dont feel too bad coz I got you! The pic is in here for your eyes to gaze on 🙂 ha ha. People have been bashing her whatever for laying it all out there, but lets be honest the Kardashians are known for this type of hype, so Amber is just adding her extra some some to the plate.

I am at the point in my life where I dont even know what to call this type of hype, being naked and acting hoe’sh on the gram for attention but in the name of FEMINISM. I don’t know if it’s just people going crazy or what! There is really nothing left to spare anymore. And, I am talking about most woman not just Amber rose specific. People are so salty on Amber rose though but there is a bunch of women out there  who are doing exactly what Amber is doing the only difference is that, they are not famous. Lets def. not forget that.

And, you know, a lot of women am sure, especially mothers, right now are rolling their eyes and going crazy having their children see women like Amber doing such things on the gram because of course, “she is not being a good role model” to young girls. Okay, the minute Amber rose was the person your child looked up to as a role model, you completely failed your job as a mother. This is what I think, you as a mother should be your own role model to your daughter and the neighbors child (who happen to be friends with your daughter) if you care that much.

I think most often such comments about celebrities not being a “good role model” to young women is unfair because of the state of their careers/lives/work etc. So, all this fuss and salty comments on miss Amber, I personally think come from women who deep down inside wish they could have the guts Amber rose has at least for a day. If you ask me, I think Amber rose likes pushing that envelope very very far to see people FURIOUS. And, just like so many other hollywood actors/actresses and aspiring models/actors on IG and every where else in social media do, taking that one PROVOCATIVE picture coz you never know where the move is gonna take or get you, as to that next step.

Therefore, Amber rose is getting what she wants….the attention, I bet all that has boost her IG numbers on likes. GOAL ACCOMPLISHED and I bet you, she is in her room laughing and not even caring what people think of her and their bitter opinions of her.

YOUR TURN: What do you think of Ambers move?? Lets here your thoughts!


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