BEST adult ointment EVER, A&D Diaper rash baby ointment !!

BEST adult ointment EVER, A&D Diaper rash baby ointment !!

I take the oath and I swear on A&D OINTMENT FOR BABY BUM RASH 100%. I promise you people, this is the best ointment in the world not only for BABIES but for ADULTS too!! In fact the company that makes this ointment should just add “for ADULT” as well on the sticker. OMG!! I swear it works wonders.

Okay, so to begin with why I am promoting this product with so much excitement. Well, when I had my first child, I woke up one day to find my son with a very bad diaper rash on his bum and his little penis. But I always changed his diapers frequently and used mild soap to wash him, I just couldn’t understand why he would have such a bad rash. So, one of my good friends who was already an experienced mother suggested I should get the A&D diaper rash ointment for babies. I ran to the store right away and got the ointment and ever since, it has been my best friend! Funny thing though, I have never used or try to use the ointment for anything else but diaper rash.

Well, ten years later, with my second child, 15 months old and very busy. I guess I had forgotten how sharp these little monkeys could be. I was seating on the table with him on my lap, trying to do a million other things at once. I had a big bowl of hot Uji (porridge) trying to cool it so I could feed him. I don’t know how this happened but in a blink of an eye, my son pulled the table cloth and the bowl full of hot uji poured on both of us. It was so hot on my finders that the only thing my brain could process at that moment was how my son was feeling the burn. I screamed like crazy, rushed to the sink and started pouring cold water on his arm and his leg where the uji fell on.

My baby father was seating right next to us while all this was happening. His reaction and quick response was outstanding just like any hero would, the first thing he grabbed was the A&D ointment, he started rubbing some on my sons arm and leg and some on my hand and fingers. The amount of ointment application he was putting on us was as if he was told the more you put on the burn, the faster it heals. I was so furious!! In my head, I was thinking this idiot!! He was making me so frustrated that I kept telling him “thats for bum rash not burns” maybe lets take him (baby) to the ER just in case because he was screaming and we just didn’t know how bad he was burned. So I kept saying over and over just stop, the ointment is for rash not burns. I think he kept annoying me because he acted as if he was a medical practitioner.

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Anyway, interesting enough though, he was right! This ointment worked like a charm. Usually when you have a burn, the area thats burned, the skin feels so hot, depending on how bad the burn is of course, even after 15-20 minutes you can still be able to feel the warm inside the skin. But I swear to you A&D ointment is the REAL DEAL hands down. Both baby and I were fine 20 minutes later, the next day and ever since the incident. No bruises or nothing and thats from applying the ointment.

Fast forward, another occasion. I had this weird cut up in my thigh almost close to my crotch. Don’t ask me how it happened coz I am still trying to figure that out too. Anyway, the stupid cut wouldn’t heal for some reason and because every time I wen’t peeing some would get on the cut and taking showers as well the wetness wasn’t helping, the damn cut kept staying dump and sore. It made me so uncomfortable. So, then of course, after so much pain, light bulb, I remembered the ointment and thought why not try to apply it since it’s for bum rash anyway. Oh my goodness, just like I expected, a day later, the cut was healed. I am talking about a cut I have had for about two months and it wouldn’t heal itself.

It’s crazy!! I tell you people its crazy!! So, if you are a mother and your baby suffers from diaper rash, I promise you A&D is the ANSWER!! I don’t know if you can apply it to open wounds or fresh cuts or sores but everything I have applied to so far, like on the burns and on the cut, it worked MAGIC!!.

Your turn: What are your go to baby products which you can’t live without?

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