Must SUCK to be TRUMP, related to TRUMP or associated with that name right now!

Must SUCK to be TRUMP, related to TRUMP or associated with that name right now!

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Okay, so with all the big march’s going on around the nation for WOMEN’S march, I thought what a perfect time to express how much I love but not love being a woman sometimes. Anybody else feeling like me? Everything about being a woman is tiring. So much comes with being a female let alone being a mother, a wife/girlfriend/fiance whatever, a daughter and so forth…I am just real tired, I swear. I know such a whiner right now but trust me, I am so freaking tired of being a woman period.  And, if I was give any other choices of gender to change to, I wouldn’t choose being a man either. Lord, Jesus just rescue me 😂.

Nevertheless, when I look around and see how much I have accomplished not jus as a woman, but also as a mother and as an individual, I feel overwhelmed with joy and realize maybe I don’t give myself enough credit and so does so many other strong women out there and that’s why we feel the burn at times. I find so much joy in my children and their little stories they tell me everyday. They always make me lough even when I am so mad or stressed and don’t wanna be bothered. My 11 year old especially would just do or say something so silly just to make me smile or lough and because of those silly reasons, I thank GOD for my sons, for being a mom and for making me the woman I am. So, shout out to all you wonderful, so powerful, intelligent, smart, funny, beautiful and strong women out there, who don’t wait to be patted on the back for all the wonderful and great things you do and accomplish everyday!! I adore you 💕. Keep being strong.

I also wanna talk about Trump today. I bet he is seeing these crowds of many women and supportive men marching and applauds himself thinking they are about him or something. But let me be truthful to ya’ll, I honestly thought TRUMP was the man at the very begging of his campaign and running to become a candidate for president. I liked him because he was different and his background as well was different, being a businessman and feeling so confident enough to wanna run a major country like the USA was amazing to me. I thought well, he was not the “normal” politician, with the “normal” blaze blaze.., so maybe, his differences were gonna be major key in bringing change because he would see challenges in a different perspective and because of that, him being an outsider with a business mind would be able to work best with the insiders (politicians) in being strategic at fixing the overwhelming gaps in every area of the US government. I liked how he was comfortable with himself, upfront and able to say how situations really are.

Now let me be very clear 😂. I DO NOT LIKE THIS MAN. Does it make any difference in the world for me not liking him, maybe not but that’s where I stand. I started not liking the dude after he got overly and excessively above himself. When he started making unthinkable remarks about women, the International community and much more. I am not being bias coz I am a woman but I watched one of his interviews one time and his thoughts about abortion and him being insensitive about such deep issue it threw me off. First, I was like well, okay, maybe he is gonna clarify what he was trying to say but oh dear he jut went ham on the issue and was just cold. Now, I get it, it’s his personal opinion however, when you are gonna run a country there are so many things which you will be needed to not provide “personal opinion” instead provide a thought to fit the “majority.” It’s that simple. You are not running your house, but a country with millions of people. He went on talking more about abortion and his unappealing views of women which I just couldn’t handle. I thought to myself who does this man think he is? The is no stopping to his idiotic suggestions/comments once his mouth opens. Anyway, because I didn’t wanna be just another add onto his votes, I started watching him very closely coz I wanted to make sure I wasn’t gonna fall into the TRAP and vote for this idiot. Hell naw! And that was the beginning of my ignorance toward him.

I have realized that as much as Americans love to claim “The United States is the Land of the Free,” it really IS NOT FREE! TRUMP is the perfect example of this statement. Look at how he is driving his people and there is nothing they can do about!!! Sometimes, I wonder if Obama had a potty mouth like Trump, how long he would have lasted after becoming the president? It’s a shame, that this man is the leader of the “free world.” So far, if you ask me, he has accomplished being able to make a joke of his own people to other countries. It’s as if he was hired to make “enemies” with his own people and everybody else around the world. He looks so foolish in everything he says and does. See, not every wealthy person is really wealthy sometimes it’s the very reason you are rich and famous or WEALTHY could be the major reason for your CURSE. His immaturity on being able to COMPREHEND very simple but yet challenging matters such as social issues, culture differences and appropriation, is what’s gonna get him the IMPEACHMENT and am all here for it!!!

I am hoping every time he goes to bed at night he says Lord, TF is wrong with me? Why do I SUCK this bad, Lord!! That’s if he even believes in anything besides himself. He can’t get no one to work with him in peace and harmony. Everywhere he goes, everything he touches turns into WAR and Frustrations. Now that the Gov. has shut down and that’s with republican controlling both houses. TRUMP what you got to say? Looking for someone to put blame on I bet. I would hate to be anything TRUMP right now. I am hoping there are people in his own party cooking hard facts to get him out of that office.

Anyway, have a blessed Sunday loves 💕

Xo, Cyndi!

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