A COUPLE MOVES IN TOGETHER. WHO SHOULD PAY THE RENT? Ladies and gentleman what would you do!

A COUPLE MOVES IN TOGETHER. WHO SHOULD PAY THE RENT? Ladies and gentleman what would you do!

Hi everyone!! I hope you are having a fantastic day 🙂 It feels so good and relaxing when I can lay in my bed and write a post!! I love sharing my thoughts with you amazing people!!So, thank you so much for taking the time to read my stories, leaving comments and sharing the blog with your friends! Your support is greatly appreciated :). If you are friends with me on IG (name: malkiacynthia), you already have a glimpse of what I said about this topic and that I was going to discuss more in detail here on the blog.

Anyway, shall we begin!! So, for those of you who are not on IG, below is the question I posted.


A. The guy, no questions asked

B. 50/50 split, same with all the bills

C. The guy should pay as much as he can, and she handles what’s left

D. It doesn’t matter so long as it’s paid.


One funny thing  I have observed though from men is that, as much as they “claim” to love independent women, once they get one the same man, quickly feels intimidated and sometimes acts funny. I understand that, it’s in men, naturally to wanna feel “needed” most especially by their woman. I get that. But what I dont get is, they want “the woman to ask for help.” So, my reasoning is, why can’t a man take the initiative and provide the support the woman needs because he already can see that she needs help? Why should she have to ask? But of course, their come “usual outdated comeback is” “it looked like you got it” and “didnt need my help.” This kind of BS, just kills me. And, maybe my EGO is too big but also, I have high EXPECTATIONS too.  l will admit though, I learned quickly to not have any expectations from humans because people will always let you down and one of my biggest dislike is the feeling of being disappointed by someone.

Now, another shift is, the whole “WOMEN MOVEMENT and the need for EQUAL RIGHTS.” This movement just screwed up everything for women, literally (my opinion). Most men nowadays wanna go 50/50 so much because most women wanna wear the pants in the relationship and cant let a man lead. Can’t be told anything by a man unless we are in favor of the subject otherwise the word is  the “man” is controlling and over powering. Sometimes I wonder if men feel lack of self esteem because women have become overly powerful. Back when I was growing up, the women I was around were so damn calm and took pride in being able to take care of the home while the husband worked. Women were so sophisticated on how they provided LOVE to their man back in the day the reason I think made MEN see their worth, loved them better and appreciated them so much. Nowadays, give me a break, NO BODY IN THE RELATIONSHIP IS HUMBLE or even wan’t to SUBMIT to the other. Nope!! What for? I hustle just as much as the other person do, I pay half of the bills if not more, soooo??? That’s just the attitude most people have these day both men and women, sadly 🙁

Economic wise, everything is tough nowadays, unless one person in the relationship is making maybe 300,000 a year or more, both have to work in order to make it, you just can’t rely on LOVE to make it through coz FACT is you WILL DIE Lol. But I also think, morals have shifted so much as well. Everybody wants to operate in their own space and time. Technology has taken over and to some degree it’s brought the downfall of most relationships for example; people generally prefer texting over face to face communication which eventually make people distant and not grow to really understand each others needs.


…………to be continued!!!  see the rest of my thoughts on “Part 2, A couple moves in together who should pay the bills?……….”

These are personal opinions. I would love to hear your thoughts? Comment below!!

Xo, Cyndi. 




  1. February 10, 02:24 Nancy

    Nice post. I think i would say each person should pay in proportion to how much they make. If he makes more he pays more. You’re right about women’s lib changing the dynamic. It came with both good and bad depending on where you look.

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  2. February 12, 22:25 admin2 Author

    Thank you for your thought Nancy!

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